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The Yorkshire & Avon Stanfords in the 13th and 14th centuries
Richard Staunford, and the Stanfords of Stanford on Avon
Sir William Staunford in the time of the Late Tudors
Sir Robert Staunford in the reign of Elizabeth I
John Stanford, alias Staunton and Stainforth, during the Civil War
John 'Staunton' in a punch-up at the time of the Restoration
Elizabeth Stainforth, Royal Housekeeper at the new palace
Capt John Stainforth at the Battle of Albuera, 1811
2nd Lieut George Stainforth at the Battle of Waterloo, 1815
Henry Stainforth of the East Indian Railway Company
2nd Lieut Archie Stainforth at Ypres in the Great War, 1916
Flt/Lt George Stainforth, world speed record holder & test pilot
Lieut Peter Stainforth with the Red Devils in Tunisia, 1942
Lieut Peter Stainforth wounded at the Battle of Arnhem, 1944
The Stainforth Trophy, RAF Strike Command, instituted 1974

Unlike a history of the rich and powerful, that of the Stainforths has the virtue of being about an ordinary Anglo-Saxon family of yeoman stock whose story - by turns heroic and tragic - is woven into the very fabric of our island story.

Over 30 generations since 1066, the fortunes of the family have risen and fallen, become enriched and then impoverished by disaster; yet their hallmark, as expressed in the family motto 'Non defecit alter', has always been one of survival and recovery.

This exceptionally detailed history covered the stories of soldiers at the Battle of Crecy, the Civil War, Waterloo, Crimea, South Africa, The Somme and the Arnhem; of MP's and Mayors; of clergymen and canons; of butchers and wine merchants; of Keepers of the King's Manor and Royal Housekeepers; of judges and colonial service officers; railway engineers and pioneering aviators.

The book contained five photographic plates and the complete family tree, from 1320 to the present day, in seven double-page spreads.

Hardback, 528pp. OUT OF PRINT